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Le Pastis de Marseille

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Welcome to “Le Pastis de Marseille”!

Discover our White Ricard Bob for a refreshing summer!

Hello you, lover of sweetness and freshness! If you’re looking for an accessory that evokes the lightness of summer clouds and the purity of seagulls flying over the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, then you’ve come to the right place! At “Le Pastis de Marseille”, we present to you our Bob Ricard Blanc, a symbol of freshness and elegance that will transport you to summer days full of serenity.

A Bob that evokes the softness of summer clouds

Imagine yourself walking on the corniche, the sea wind caressing your hair, with our Bob on your head. It’s like an invitation to travel to an immaculate sky where the clouds float peacefully, a moment of pure relaxation in the heart of summer! Its white color recalls the freshness of starry summer nights, and gives you a clean and refreshing look, perfect for savoring every moment with lightness.

The White Ricard Bob, the chic and timeless summer accessory

Whether you are enjoying an ice cream on the terrace, strolling along the quays admiring the boats in the distance, or taking a relaxing break on the beach listening to the sound of the waves, our Bob Ricard Blanc is there to complete your look with elegance and simplicity! Light, comfortable and resolutely classic, it will quickly become your ally of choice to face hot summer days with style and serenity.

A soothing nod to the Marseille summer

At “Le Pastis de Marseille”, we like to celebrate the beauty and tranquility of our beautiful Marseille city. With our White Ricard Bob, it’s a bit of this soothing and sunny atmosphere that you wear on your head! It perfectly embodies the spirit of calm and tranquility that reigns by the Mediterranean Sea, where every moment is an invitation to contemplation and relaxation.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab your White Ricard Bob, and let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of the Marseille summer with style and elegance! At “Le Pastis de Marseille”, we promise you not just an accessory, but a real invitation to relaxation and serenity, where the sky merges with the sea and where worries disappear as if by magic. So take advantage, and let your White Ricard Bob take you to unforgettable summer days, lulled by the softness and beauty of the Mediterranean!

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